Update: Survivalism Net Survives

Tuesday 9PM Prepper's Net

Tuesday 9PM Prepper’s Net

It has been announced that Mark, KE0KIM is no longer able to act as Net Control for the 9pm Net.

On Tuesday, March 28 Rich WA0ZQG stepped in and saved the net.  He plans to act in as interim net control until Albert KE0LOL takes over in 3 weeks.  Did you know Albert (by proxy) is having a baby?

In SHORT, net saved for now.  Who knows what the future holds?  Isn’t that the point?


The ORIGINAL story…


It will take the presence of three or more participants Tuesday and the volunteering of at least one person to act as a net control to activate continuation of the net. More than one volunteer net control operator is ideal so that there can be a rotation schedule.


Originally announced as the Disaster Net, the purpose of the weekly Prepper’s and Survivalism Information Net here on SWIARC’s 146.82 repeater is to discuss ways to make do with what you’ve got on had as well as what to acquire in order better prepare for disaster.

On October 19, 2016 the net had ten participants. Since then the net has had a peek of 14 participants and a low of only three.   Mark, KE0KIM has been an excellent net control hosting the net in recent weeks.

Lack of participation is believed to be due to factors such as the number of weekly nets, the timing of the net, and the net conflicting with recent attempts to revive the old 6-Meter SSB net on Tuesday. Also it seems that some preppers are somewhat secretive and do not wish to share or discuss the nature of their survival plans!  There has also been concerns on what topics are appropriate for discussion on the repeater.  There has even been discussion of going simplex with the net.

As they do, nets come and go, and it is nothing more significant than the natural order of amateur radio activity. Sometimes a net simply hibernates and then becomes revived at a later time when people’s schedules change or new interest is found. Consider that the Glenwood Saturday Tech Net sometimes takes a vacation during the summer, as well as recent attempts to revive the 6-Meter SSB Net once ran by Joel KQ0J.

You do not have to be a club member to participate in any of the nets held on the 146.82 SWIARC repeater.   Most of the nets are pretty informal and rather flexible with the topic of conversation. If you bring up something during the net then it typically becomes part of the conversation. In the absence of a Tuesday Disaster net the repeater will certainly remain available for people to gather and discuss the subject mater of survivalism among other topics.  This very net was itself born of casual survivalist conversation occurring on Tuesday nights.

If the Net is deactivated it will be removed from the EN21 Verified Area Nets resource page.

Special thanks to George KD0NME for his presentation on Preparedness (reference: Nov pgm on Readiness) and for managing the Preppers Net. Honorable mention to Nick K0NHV for launching the net back in 2016.   Also thanks to Mark KE0KIM for being the most recent Net Control Operator.