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Don't run out of this !

Don’t run out of this !

Tuesday 03/21 we had a small (5 or 6 guys with some more definitely listening) Disaster Net on .82. Most of the talk was on food, and how much the ‘average’ household has on hand – maybe a week or three. Two of the guys had received a flyer from a company offering a year’s worth of dried food for one (1) person at $1997. (You divide by the number of persons in your household.) One of the participants sent in this list of other useful items (name withheld to protect his identity and therefore his address)
Imagine what you could do with these items! Keep some and use others for barter.

Black plastic vinyl tape, beats all others for UV resistance and weathering (During the net it was explained you use this to seal those 3 g ‘popcorn’ tins popular at Christmas, after cleaning them and filling with grain/rice/beans in a plastic bag. Keeps bugs out. I thought it was only for antennas.)

Thumb tacks

Paper clips, good source of wire with some spring

Safety pins, large and small

Wooden clothes pins, hinged

Sewing needles various sizes

Sewing thread

Cheap ball point pens that click in and out

Playing cards

Small tubes of two part, 5 minute epoxy glue.

Kite string

500′ or so of braided fishing line, 50-100 test

Assorted fish hooks

Dispenser of single edge razor blades

Gross carton of Bic style lighters

Metal retracting tape measure (can be used for antenna, measuring, etc)

Cheap plastic one foot ruler, makes decent straightedge, cm one side, inch on other

Cheap protractor

Cheap compass dividers, pencil and sharp point

#2 pencils

Toy balloons

Aerosol cans of automobile starting spray (ether, might be used as make shift anesthesia, flame thrower, surface skin anesthesia to freeze small areas, solvent)

Small cans of HEET automotive gasoline anti-freez, is pure methanol for alcohol burner, solvent, fire starter)

Little bottles of vodka like on airplanes, 50% ethanol. Bottles can also be used for oil, lighter fluid, etc. After you drink the vodka.

Referee’s whistle, can be heard over long distances
(like the girl at the end of ‘Titanic’ movie)

Small compasses about <1″ diameter, liquid filled, less than $1 each if in box of ten or more

Small (2-3″) common pocket knife, two or three blade. Price as above item.

Little mirror for your shirt pocket or wallet. Many uses. They are sold in vinyl sleeve to be used as advertisement.

These are a few items that are small and inexpensive and can be used for trade or personal use. If you think of more, let me know. I have the ones above, from Banggood and similar companies. i.e. A gross of butane lighters was $15. In addition to starting fires these can be made into an incendiary device or produce an explosion, mcGiver style. See: Pinterest


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