Solar Glass

An inexpensive way to watch the upcoming eclipse.

An inexpensive way to watch the upcoming eclipse.

KD0NME writes, “For naked eye viewing of the sun, looking for large sunspots or partial phase eclipse, you can use a #14 welders glass, 2 x 4.25 inches, available at AirGas welding supply, 3018 Nebraska Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa. “

AirGas Welding Supply

Listed at $1.27 +tax.   Phone 712-322-8338

This is a glass filter, about 1/8″ thick, designed to fit a welders helmet, or can safely be held by hand.  It can be cleaned like eyeglasses.  Most users mount or tape the filter into a larger piece of cardboard to keep the sun off their face.  Even better, spray paint the back of the cardboard (not the filter) flat black to eliminate stray light.  This makes extended viewing more comfortable.

Where and when’s the Eclipse?
AUGUST 21, 2017  Centerline near Omaha runs near Grand Island, Geneva, Beatrice, Falls City, in Nebraska, and on thru St. Joseph, Missouri.  Expect crowds at parking areas.
Contribution by: George KD0NME
Story featuring: JoDee KD0RNC