Today is Too Late

ACE bent the old battery taking it out of his iPhone

ACE bent the old battery
taking it out of his iPhone

ACE worked on his own equipment a lot, in the example above, a very recent project, took the battery out of his iPhone and replaced it himself, a large saving compared to the experts at the Apple store. That was only part of the problem of course, the major power outage inconveniencing everyone.
Bob’s previous callsign was a KE- prefix, but he liked the ACE suffix and searched around until he found one with an acceptable prelude, and then told everyone he did it because it ‘sounds so good on CW’ except that Bob doesn’t do Morse. When all the power went out he was on his way home, too tired from work to either talk on the repeater or even listen to the commercial AM band. The first thing he noticed was that the garage door wouldn’t work, and then on opening the other side manually, the disaster inside. ACE knew that Lithium batteries were dangerous, and specifically set aside the bent one removed from his iPhone. However, it was on the garage workbench, close enough to the plastic weed sprayer that when it finally ‘went off’ the sprayer side melted, and that released the pressure inside, spraying half the back side of the garage with super poisonous commercial strength spray.
You may have heard Bob, not bragging, just mentioning the fact that he was partially prepared: generator, 2 cans of gas, food, some water, and a Ka-bar knife. He was lamenting the damaged food and supplies when his wife came out of the door from the kitchen and said, “Did you hear about it? They just announced two more cities, Austin TX, and San Diego.”
They sat there a long time, ’til nearly sunset trying to decide whether to salvage the poisoned bags or even whether to touch them since there was no water pressure to wash.
ACE didn’t mention it on the net that night.

In this view the battery is out of the phone, visible in back Notice the slight bend

In this view the battery is out
of the phone, visible in back
Notice the slight bend

If this bit of fiction is too subtle, then you should know:
Both ‘Bob’ and his Amateur Radio callsign suffix, ACE, are fictional.
The SWIARC club runs a DISASTER PREP net Tuesdays at 9 on 146.82
Recent national news included reports of simultaneous power outages in major cities.
This is hinted at when Bob’s wife says, “Austin & San Diego”
Bob has made some preparations by storing food and fuel
and finally, an unfortunate coincidence, the battery fire, ruins some of his prep.
There are three more short articles on the Disaster Prep subject on this SWI-radio site. Go back to the main page and look over on the right-hand side under NEWS & ARTICLES where Today Is Too Late is the first in the list. About 2/3 the way down are GOOD TIMING, another fictional piece; NOVEMBER PROGRAM ON READINESS with a list of items nice to have in an emergency, and DISASTER NET. You can comment on these by radio on 146.82 or via E/Mail to WA0ZQG at Hotmail.

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Tuesday 9:00pm, Prepper’s and Survivalism Information Net