Designs by KC0KJK

Kevin KJK with new Loop Ant
Kevin KJK
with new Loop Ant

Kevin KC0KJK was looking at a couple pieces of RG-6 and thinking, “It’s not very long. What could I do with that?” Then he noticed a surplus conduit right angle box thingy. A quick trip to the hardware store to get a short pipe segment, and a few minutes work taking the insulation and center conductor out of the coax and presto, the makings for a Loop Antenna.
Kevin has already tried it on AM with a single wire pushed through the center of the coax, and has plans for 3 or 4 wires, switch, and variable capacitor. It was very directional with the single wire on AM. (You look for the Null if you want to use it for directionality; broadside if you just want to listen.) Here’s another look at the details:
KJK's Loop up close
KJK’s Loop up close