Generator Maint.

Notice plastic tube draining gasoline
Notice plastic tube
draining gasoline

SWIARC member Andy WB0WKC (SK) used to change the oil and gas in his generator 3 or 4 times a year. He was the one who brought a bright pink 100ft extension cord to a couple of our Field Days. It was made of very flexible (lots of strands) 3 wire #12. Andy was an electrician.
Do you want to hear about the several guys who said they were going to bring a generator to Field Day, but when the day came theirs didn’t work? Usually because it hadn’t been run in a couple of years. Gasoline turns to varnish if you leave it long enough. Gums up the carburetor. Conversely, oil lasts forever. Well, you have to clean and rerefine it maybe, but it’s good for a long time. Here’s my formula for keeping your generator ready:
Change the gasoline twice a year. Use the old stuff
in a lawnmower or your car. Do NOT use Gasohol.
My generator says “Don’t use E85. 10% is OK.”
(I think ‘OK’ means 100% gasoline is better.)
Change the oil once in awhile after a number of hours
or every year or so.
These guidelines apply to any small engine. Your car
can handle Gasohol. Your lawnmower engine cost 99 bucks.
They don’t spend a lot on fancy gasket material.