.82 Repeater Ant

.82 Rptr Antenna atop 185 ft Cell Tower North end of Simms St
.82 Rptr Antenna
atop 185 ft Cell Tower
North end of Simms St

Our 146.82 repeater antenna is located 3 miles NE of downtown Council Bluffs atop a 185 ft
cell tower in a large empty lot on the North end of Simms Street. It’s 1 of 3 antennae at the
top, formerly hung upside down below the top mount until they revamped the tower and put ours
at the top with the other two. The antenna itself is a 4 bay folded dipole with 6dB gain set
vertically along a 20 foot pole. (2 dipoles give 3 dB gain, so doubling that, 4 dipoles, make
6 dB gain. How does your hundred dollar omni that’s 8 ft long get 5.8 dB? Answer: It doesn’t.)
The repeater itself is in the Sheriff’s half of the cell phone building, a Yaesu 7000 with
both receiver and transmitter in the same box. The 2 connectors are cabled to a network of
4 resonant cavities and associated phasing cables so that the transmitter does not affect
the receiver even though both use the SAME (this is magic) antenna (thru 200 ft of low loss
hardline coax).
The Yaesu has a built in controller, but we’re using a separate much fancier one to do ID,
timer and other functions. (Get on the repeater, ID, and then hit ‘400’ on your touch tone
pad. It’ll say the time, and if anyone bothered to set the clock in the last year, it’ll be
halfway accurate. This also tells you that you’re full quieting. It won’t decode noisy sigs.)
Even though we don’t pay for electricity or tower space, the stuff cost a lot and needs the
occasional updating or service. Kilobucks each for repeater and antenna, and near double
that for the cans (4 cavity set from TXRX). Paul WB0GXD sold us the hardline at a greatly
reduced price due to a bargain he found. Care to join the club or donate? Ask.