The .82 Repeater

This isn't our tower but it's a great picture
This isn’t our tower
but it’s a great picture

The first repeater was put up by Leo K0JIU who lived on South 1st in Co/Blfs.
He actually gave the first one to the Omaha club, .94, and made a second one
to experiment with, .82, and put the receiver on the blue water tower near
S.A. high school on Gleason Ave. Back in those days you made repeaters yourself,
often out of used Motorola stuff because it was reliable and fixable. By the
time I showed up, Leo had replaced the original tube type with a transistorized
receiver on Gleason, and updated the transmitter to a 500W 2 tube Motorola
at his house. They were connected by audio (and a 150V powered current) on a
phone line between the sites. We’re currently using a Yaesu 7000 box, TXRX
cavities, and CommSpec antenna just North of Simms St 3 miles East of
We own a new dual band Yaesu Fusion combination analog/digital repeater bought
(cheap) for $500. Also a set of cans bought (cheap) for $100 from John AB0VX.
We could put up the new repeater tomorrow using an antenna at somebody’s house,
but ultimately intend to put it on UHF out at McClelland IA.
These people have joined the club helping to pay for everything. (They used to
get a newsletter, but we don’t currently have an Editor, just a few poeple
who put up stuff on this site.)
-Larry K0ALF
-Kim- KE0CLX
-Derek KE0DBM
-Dean K4DIN
-Gary N0EMF
-Derek KE0ETZ
*Bill KD0FJR
-Jeff KE0GKF
-Paul WB0GXD
*Greg N0GR
-Jim N6HFJ
-Stan KE0HVL
-Casey KG0HY
-Mike KD0HZF
-Allen KC0JHA
-Dave N0JSB
-Norm WA0JYD
-Jerry K5LBS
-Greg W0LGQ
-Jeff WB0M
-John N0MEQ
-Robert KC0MUX
-John K0MXL
-George KD0NME
-Rollie AB0NN
-Joel K0OQL
-Ron N0QET
-Russ AD0QH
-Thom KE0QL
-Bruce KD0QVB
-Bob KK0RF
-Jack WB0SGQ
-Rob N0SNW
-Ryan KB0TKZ
-Craig KD0YTI
*Rich WA0ZQG
rNick K0NHV

So here’s a pic of the real repater antenna out on Simms.

As viewed from Simms
As viewed from Simms
It's at the top of that 185' tower
It’s at the top of that 185′ tower