Car Antenna Hole Fix

Car Antenna hole fix using nylon parts
Car Antenna hole fix
using nylon parts

Sooner or later you’re going to sell your mobile and likely as not, the new owner
won’t be a Ham and won’t understand why there’s a hole in the roof. Here’s a fix.
First of all, go down to hte hardware store and buy a couple Nylon washers about
an inch diameter. Then, a small container of Nylon wall clamps or whatchacallit,
wall hole covers. Second, pull off your antenna and put down a Nylon washer over
the hole and the clamp with expanding stud (click on pic to see what I mean)
through it. The expanding stud expects a half inch of wallboard to work against
so put another couple, 3 or 4 more, Nylon washers on the inside of the hole.
Finally, tap the ‘nail’ through the stud to expand the bottom and you’re done.
Oh yeah, it helps if you bought a WHITE car to begin with, and no, this wasn’t
a roof mount antenna. The stick looks a lot racier on the trunk with a slight
backwards rake.
P. S. One more caveat: You shoulda been removing the antenna each year to
wax the paint under the mount. If not, in this case maybe twice in eight
years, you get a circle of rust around the mount.


-Rich WA0ZQG