Waubonsie Picnic

Picnic pic by Mike KC0FAN
Picnic pic by Mike KC0FAN

Don W0AF said 14 people showed up, and Greg N0GR said they served ‘lunch’ consisting of grilled hamburgers etc. to a dozen people. Several radios were in operation although the pic above shows everyone relaxing in the sun away from the radios. 20M was hot, and 40M later at night. Don AF made about 20 contacts, someone else 2 pages worth (50), with a variety of operators participating.
One guy from Shenandoah brought along his 1941 Buick with only 16,000 original miles (used as a funeral limo). It had a straight 8 and DUAL carbs installed that way original at the factory. Most of the chrome was original as was paint and (slightly repaired) upholstery. No air. No automatic. They didn’t have automatics back then. 3 speed column shift.
car info de Greg N0GR