100W Rptr Amp

Greg N0GR holds Bird shows 100W output
Greg N0GR holds Bird
shows 100W output

On Sunday, June 11, The Repeater Committee with the guidance of our illustrious leader Greg N0GR, installed the new 100 watt power amplifier and the PL tone encoder on the 146.82 repeater at Simms Avenue. The amplifier is a Henry model C130AB10R, which delivers 100 watts output with 10 watts of input. The PL tone encoder is a Communications Specialist model TS-64WDS.

The repeater had been delivering 42 watts output prior to this installation. Greg re-programmed the repeater to low power out, which is 10 watts. After confirming the 10 watt output with a Bird wattmeter, the repeater transmitter was connected to the amplifier. The amplifier output was measured at 99 watts in to the duplexer. This represents a power output gain of about 3.8 dB.

The PL tone encoder was also installed, using a continuous tone coded squelch system (CTCSS) (PL) tone of 136.5 Hz (PL code 4Z). This allows the repeater users to enable tone squelching on their receivers if they want to hear just our 146.82 repeater when the bands are up, and not any of the others in the area. If the users choose not to use tone squelching, or if a radio is vintage enough to not have that option, they will still be able to receive the .82 repeater as they always have.

A note on the PL designation for CTCSS operation. PL was coined by Motorola. It stands for Private Line. Motorola assigned an alpha-numeric code to each of the CTCSS frequencies that they use. 136.5 Hz is PL tone 4Z, 100.0 Hz is PL tone 1Z, 141.3 Hz is 4A, etc.


written and published by: WA0ZQG