Remote Receive Reactivated

We’re waiting for details as our SWIARC repeater committee has unilaterally decided to reactivate the remote receive site which links a second radio receiver at a remote location to the main 146.82 repeater. The question is, will 82 “hear” better now? UPDATED 17:22 9/2

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On Sunday, June 11 a 100-watt repeater amplifier was installed as reported by WA0ZQG.   Acquisition was approved by a majority vote of club members during the previous business meeting.


Last year the remote receive site, which involves the “voter system”, was deactivated due to a problem.   When a repeater user was picked up by the remote receive site, an unusually high level of audio gain was noted by repeater listeners. To state it simply, if you came in on the remote listening site you were VERY LOUD as compared to other repeater users being picked up by the main site.


No reports of a resolution have been received at this time regarding a specific problem being pinpointed.  It has only been confirmed that the remote receive site became active around 11:30am Saturday (9/2/17).  Listen for the rumble of the remote repeater link ID every 10 minutes and you will know it is active.


The benefit of a properly functioning remote receive site making up the voter system compliments the benefit of extended broadcast range of the amplified repeater.  

Amplification of the repeater only helps marginal users to hear it better. A well-implemented voter system helps marginal users to talk into the repeater better.  Together the two (1) amp (2) voter system equals better repeater coverage both in and out.


story by: W0DBW

Pictures From Repeater Site

Pictures generously provided by Rob N0SNW.  Rob was present with Greg today when work was being done to activate the voter system.

Here is Greg N0GR turning a knob. The Henry amp is the device with the dual fans near Greg's forehead. -wa0zqg
Here is Greg N0GR turning a knob. The Henry amp is the device with the dual fans near Greg’s forehead. -N0SNW
Here is the 146.82 repeater and voter at the Simms street site. I took these photos with a $5 mobile phone. -wa0zqg
Here is the 146.82 repeater and voter at the Simms street site. I took these photos with a $5 mobile phone. -N0SNW


Not Without Problems

When accessing the repeater mobile and at the QTH south of Omaha it seems that the voter can’t make up its mind on how to receive my signal.  I am being bounced between the two with distinctive changes in my audio.

I’m attempting to confirm which location is providing the clean copy with good audio and which site makes my audio weak and noisy.  It is my suspicion that when the voter switches me to the Iowa Western (remote) my audio gain is less and there is some static.  It seems to switch back an forth.

Steve N0ORU in Anita Iowa was still not able to make the repeater with a clean copy during the SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap net.  Robert KC0MUX from Elliot Iowa sounded good into the repeater today during the net, however, it is not known which site he was being received on.



Please share with us your reports.  You’ll need another person to listen because you won’t be able to determine how it is working yourself unless you are recording the traffic to replay later.


Questions for the Repeater Committee

We would like to have more information to share with SWIARC members.  Here are some things that would be of interest to report.

1.) Was the past problem with audio gain on the voter system identified?

2.) At the Iowa Western remote receive site, how high is our antenna situated on the tower and when was it last moved?

3.) Isn’t it possible to suppress re-transmission of the link IDer?

4.) Is this a trial to see if the voter system is beneficial and if it turns out to be problematic will the voter system be deactivated until an improvement can be implemented?


You can send questions / comments / answers to the four questions above, or even complain about the story by email to:  swiarc (at) or  you can email Rich and he will forward.