License Renewal

Renewal is FREE thru FCC

Your FCC license is good for ten (10) years. That’s exactly enough time to forget your FRN and password for the FCC site. You can renew 60 days before the license expires and that’s about when the commercial VEC people will send you a Form 605 (not the FCC’s 605 but theirs) and tell you they will do it for you for seven ($7) bucks.
It’s hard to remember the FCC site name, so just search for somebody’s callsign, and from the list of sites with info about it select the one that says FCC and ULS (Universal Licensing System). Go to Search and search yours; find out your FRN and then look for the RENEW license tab. Now you have everything you need except your FCC password, and they offer an alternative like the name of your first pet or Mother’s maiden name. 90% done. Finish the details and in a day or two the FCC site will offer you the updated expiration AND and Official (not Reference) copy of the license. See? (You have to print it out yourself. Use yellow parchment paper to look official, not plain white bond like this one.)