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Ham radio items are offered for sale during this amateur radio net. The net itself is a hybrid of general conversation and commerce. Those with items are generally first on the list when called to speak. What is allowed is the casual sale of ham radio items. Individuals are asked to refrain from offering for sale non-ham related items. Commercial entities such as electronic store owners are not to use the net to advertise.Although Rich (wa0zqg) did not launch the SWIARC Saturday Noon Swapnet, he is the driving force that has kept it running for many years now. Thank you Rich!Keep up with what’s for sale on the SWIARC Classified. All items from the noon swap net are listed here for your convenience.


S W A P – N E T

Q & A



Q: How do I post my items for sale here?
A: Using your 2-meter transceiver you check-in during the SWIARC Saturday Noon Swap Net and tell us what you are selling. Items will be transcribed and posted here with the contact information you provide.

Q: What if I don’t want my items listed here in print?
A: Please let us know during the Swap Net that you wish to be excluded from the web site classifieds.

Q: What if I sold my item weeks ago and I am annoyed it is still visible on the classifieds page?
A: Please let us know during the Swap Net or via the web site contact form, and your item will be designated as no longer available.

Q: Can I have my item added to the classifieds without participating in the on air Saturday Noon Swap Net?
A: Not at this time. This is more or less a transcribed portion of the radio swap net. The concept can be revisited in the future depending on criteria and web site or organizational guidelines.





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