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Sowz we don't be stupider

The .82 Repeater

This isn't our tower but it's a great picture

This isn’t our tower
but it’s a great picture

The first repeater was put up by Leo K0JIU who lived on South 1st in Co/Blfs.
He actually gave the first one to the Omaha club, .94, and made a second one
to experiment with, .82, and put the receiver on the blue water tower near
S.A. high school on Gleason Ave. Back in those days you made repeaters yourself,
often out of used Motorola stuff because it was reliable and fixable. By the
time I showed up, Leo had replaced the original tube type with a transistorized
receiver on Gleason, and updated the transmitter to a 500W 2 tube Motorola
at his house. They were connected by audio (and a 150V powered current) on a
phone line between the sites. We’re currently using a Yaesu 7000 box, TXRX
cavities, and CommSpec antenna just North of Simms St 3 miles East of
We own a new dual band Yaesu Fusion combination analog/digital repeater bought
(cheap) for $500. Also a set of cans bought (cheap) for $100 from John AB0VX.
We could put up the new repeater tomorrow using an antenna at somebody’s house,
but ultimately intend to put it on UHF out at McClelland IA.
These people have joined the club helping to pay for everything. (They used to
get a newsletter, but we don’t currently have an Editor, just a few poeple
who put up stuff on this site.)
-Larry K0ALF
-Kim- KE0CLX
-Derek KE0DBM
-Dean K4DIN
-Gary N0EMF
-Derek KE0ETZ
*Bill KD0FJR
-Jeff KE0GKF
-Paul WB0GXD
*Greg N0GR
-Jim N6HFJ
-Stan KE0HVL
-Casey KG0HY
-Mike KD0HZF
-Allen KC0JHA
-Dave N0JSB
-Norm WA0JYD
-Jerry K5LBS
-Greg W0LGQ
-Jeff WB0M
-John N0MEQ
-Robert KC0MUX
-John K0MXL
-George KD0NME
-Rollie AB0NN
-Joel K0OQL
-Ron N0QET
-Russ AD0QH
-Thom KE0QL
-Bruce KD0QVB
-Bob KK0RF
-Jack WB0SGQ
-Rob N0SNW
-Ryan KB0TKZ
-Craig KD0YTI
*Rich WA0ZQG
rNick K0NHV

So here’s a pic of the real repater antenna out on Simms.

As viewed from Simms

As viewed from Simms

It's at the top of that 185' tower

It’s at the top of that 185′ tower

.82 Repeater Ant

.82 Rptr Antenna atop 185 ft Cell Tower North end of Simms St

.82 Rptr Antenna
atop 185 ft Cell Tower
North end of Simms St

Our 146.82 repeater antenna is located 3 miles NE of downtown Council Bluffs atop a 185 ft
cell tower in a large empty lot on the North end of Simms Street. It’s 1 of 3 antennae at the
top, formerly hung upside down below the top mount until they revamped the tower and put ours
at the top with the other two. The antenna itself is a 4 bay folded dipole with 6dB gain set
vertically along a 20 foot pole. (2 dipoles give 3 dB gain, so doubling that, 4 dipoles, make
6 dB gain. How does your hundred dollar omni that’s 8 ft long get 5.8 dB? Answer: It doesn’t.)
The repeater itself is in the Sheriff’s half of the cell phone building, a Yaesu 7000 with
both receiver and transmitter in the same box. The 2 connectors are cabled to a network of
4 resonant cavities and associated phasing cables so that the transmitter does not affect
the receiver even though both use the SAME (this is magic) antenna (thru 200 ft of low loss
hardline coax).
The Yaesu has a built in controller, but we’re using a separate much fancier one to do ID,
timer and other functions. (Get on the repeater, ID, and then hit ‘400’ on your touch tone
pad. It’ll say the time, and if anyone bothered to set the clock in the last year, it’ll be
halfway accurate. This also tells you that you’re full quieting. It won’t decode noisy sigs.)
Even though we don’t pay for electricity or tower space, the stuff cost a lot and needs the
occasional updating or service. Kilobucks each for repeater and antenna, and near double
that for the cans (4 cavity set from TXRX). Paul WB0GXD sold us the hardline at a greatly
reduced price due to a bargain he found. Care to join the club or donate? Ask.

Want to see if 6 meters is open? 10M and up?

DX MAPS Web Site (clickable link)




This site has tabs for the different continents and bands 10M – 432.  It reports and maps spots from various DX clusters..


Give it a try!



Joel  KQØJ


N0LJD’s Local Repeater List

Here are all the local repeaters in a list
compiled by Ed N0LJD of Bellevue NE.
Freq Offset Call Tone City State Notes
29.640 – WB0QQK Bellevue NE Linked to 444.875, 16 & Wayne
145.115 – WB0QQK 179.9 Bellevue NE Sarpy County EMA
145.235 – WB0EMU Papillion NE Sarpy County EMA
145.290 – N0WKF Glenwood IA Heartland Hams
145.310 – K0ASH Ashland NE Ashand Amateur Radio Club
145.370 – N0OFQ Omaha NE Linked to Lincoln 145.19
145.390 – WB0YLA 136.5 Thurman/Tabor IA
145.390 WB0YLA Thurman IA EchoLink
145.410 – AB0VX 97.4 Honey Crk/Crescent IA
145.450 – K0BOY 131.8 Bellevue NE Chandler & Ceader Island Rd
146.670 – KD0EFC Fremont NE
146.715 – WB0EMU Papillion NE P25
146.730 KJ0Z 103.5 Nebraska City NE
146.820 – K0SWI Council Bluffs IA SWIARC 3mi NE of dwntn
146.940 – K0USA 131.8 Omaha NE Ak-Sar-Ben ARC on Ch 7 tower
147.000 -/+ WB0CMC Omaha NE +/- 64th & Maple
147.060 + WB0EMU 131.8 Bellevue NE Hwy 370 & Galvin Rd
147.210 + KA0IJY 103.5 Murray NE Great Plains Amateur Radio Assn
147.300 + Omaha NE
147.360 + K0BOY Omaha NE 156th & Maple
147.390 + W0WYV Bellevue NE Bellevue Amateur Radio Club
223.940 – WB0CMC Omaha NE
224.060 – Council Bluffs IA
224.200 – Omaha NE
224.820 – WB0CMC Omaha NE
224.940 – K0USA Omaha NE Ak-Sar-Ben Amateur Radio Club
442.025 + N0WKF Mineola IA
442.225 + K0SWI PL 136 Omaha (Ch 6 twr dwntn) YAESU C4FM digital or FM
442.475 + KA0IJY 100 Omaha NE I80 / I480
442.525 + WB0GXD 100 Council Bluffs IA Echolink Node 51503
442.575 + KA0IJY 100 Murray NE
442.650 + K0BOY Omaha NE MotoTubo System. 29 & Harney
442.725 + WB0EMU Papillion NE Hy 370 & 84st
442.900 + N0UP Omaha NE
442.950 + WB0CMC 146.2 Omaha NE REACT
443.225 + KB0SMX Plattsmouth NE Murrary Water Tower
443.350 + WB0QQK 179.9 Bellevue NE Sarpy County EMA
443.450 + KB0SMX 100 Omaha NE DT Omaha Linked to Omaha 443.225
443.725 + KF6SWL Omaha NE Linked to IRLP network – 90th & Maple
443.725 + KF6SWL 100 Omaha IA WIN System – IRLP Node 7943
443.775 + W0EQU Omaha NE Heartland Chapter American Red Cross
443.825 + WB0QQK 179.9 Bellevue NE Sarpy County EMA
443.925 + KG0S 103.5 NE IRLP 7536 – EchoLink 572977
443.975 + KC0VEY 114.8 Omaha NE REACT – Linked to West Central Iowa
444.025 + KC0ECI 146.2 Red Oak IA
444.050 + KA0JTI Omaha NE Sponsor WB0WXS – EchoLink 219166
444.050 + WB0WXS Omaha NE
444.325 + N0WKF Glenwood IA
444.425 + N0YMJ Yutan NE EWETAN ARC
444.600 + Omaha NE ?
444.800 + AB0VX 97.4 Honey Creek IA IRLP 3548
444.875 + WB0QQK 179.9 Bellevue NE Sarpy EMA
444.900 + W0MAO Lincoln NE ARES, D-Star
444.950 + WB0CMC Omaha/KPTM NE
444.975 + K0BOY 142.6 Omaha NE 104th & J St (443.975?)
927.475 – KA0IJY 103.5 Murray NE