SWI Dinner Meeting 12/28

Cracker Barrel
near Office Max
in Council Bluffs

The SWIARC meeting in December will be a Dinner Meeting at the Cracker Barrel which is
near Office Max in Council Bluffs. ALL are invited to attend whether or not you’re a SWIARC
member or just like to talk to the guys over dinner. Members are invited to bring a Junk Box gift to
exchange – radio related stuff having a value around ten ($10) bucks.
Menu prices go from smaller items at seven ($7) bucks to dinner entrees around ($14) fourteen.
(click on the picture to see the Cracker Barrel sign in background)


It is an open repeater, free to all to use, and needs no PL tone. Located top of a 185 ft cell phone tower on a hill 3 mi NE of downtown Council Bluffs, it covers fairly well into Omaha, even to West and SW Omaha. Remember the negative (-) offset.

Don’t forget our C4FM System Fusion Repeater on on 442.225.  It is Wires-X connected to a national repeater network.
BELOW: Enjoy our News and Articles written by SWIARC members…

Two is One; One is None

We had an ‘Impromptu’ Net yet again, 3 in a row now, Thursday night at 9PM 11/30. Rich mentioned that a house near him burned down and his power was off, and that started a few comments on Disaster Prep. Art UWR says he has a couple of radios and some H/Ts and could possibly …

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Cuban Spy #s Active on 11435kHz

USB or AM listen on 11435khz for the mysterious Spy Numbers from Cuba. Transmissions this morning remain active at 10:10am. Why is Cuba still using cold war era spy numbers stations and what is today’s secret message?

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Refurbishing a Horizontal Loop Antenna

Paul WB0GXD writes, “There were some near-catastrophe problems […] to overcome at the antenna party on Saturday November.” In this story you will learn from valuable experience as the volunteer crew refurbish an aging 75-meter horizontal loop antenna. Their work in a contribution not only to Paul’s antenna, but sharing their experience helps the rest …

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Ten Dollar Transistor Tester

SWIARC Pres Russ AD0QH brought this Transistor Tester Kit to the meeting in September. It was fourteen ($14) bucks and tests resistors and capacitors too. We tested a transistor that he brought, and also a capacitor. You just stick it in and the included computer chip figures out whether it’s NPN, PNP, FET, or a …

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Simms Ave Tower


Jeff KEØGKF writes, “This is .82 as we call her, repeater serving the Council Bluffs/Omaha area and surrounding cities. It has excellent coverage. And a long history since the 70s It is maintained by the South West Iowa Ham Radio Club. (Swiarc) 146.820”

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Baofeng DM-5R Bust

For $70 you can by a Baofeng DMR HT that will not work on our local DMR repeaters. Many sellers don’t bother disclosing this to buyers.   Make sure your new DMR HT supports Tier 2 (TDMA) or you’ll be left out of the Omaha DMR scene.

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Local Class Helps Folks Become a Ham

Leonard (KD0QFE) writes, “Our Technician License Class is starting October 7th, 2017. It will run over three Saturdays; October 7th, 14th & 28th from 8:30am to 4:30pm. All three sessions will be held in a conference room at Bellevue Medical Center, located at 25th street & Highway 370.”

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Election Results

Gary WDØCFC writes, “Albert KEØLOL won president, Bill KDØFJR will remain as VP, Rich WAØZQG changes roles from Treasurer to the new Secretary, and Greg Ross NØGR is now the club Treasurer.  Greg will also remain repeater trustee.”

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Radio Camp Wa-kon-da

Saturday (9/23) SWIARC regulars took time to chat with kids calling from Camp Wakonda as part of a Radio Scouting event.  Dudley, KDØNMD offers his thanks to those operators as well as the SWIARC club for the use of the repeater.  HF contacts were also made including a 15-year old girl with Voice of America.

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Omaha Fest Springfield NE

Every fest has a ‘theme’ in the form of a Lot Of Something or Other. I thought there was an unusual selection of Power Supplies – an Astron 35 with meters and adjustable Voltage and Current offered at $80 (they’re $200 new), and a lot more including this orphan FP-301 made to match the Yaesu …

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