SWIARC mtg 7PM 27 July 2017

It is an open repeater, free to all to use, and needs no PL tone. Located top of a 185 ft cell phone tower on a hill 3 mi NE of downtown Council Bluffs, it covers fairly well into Omaha, even to West and SW Omaha. Remember the negative (-) offset.


Jane (ARZ XYL) D.P. Winner Terry W0TDL Rich KB0ARZ @ North Bend

Jane (ARZ XYL)
D.P. Winner Terry W0TDL
Rich KB0ARZ @ North Bend



You are invited to join in every Saturday at Noon on the SWIARC repeater for the Swap Net. Got something to sell? Looking for Something? After the Swap Net all items are listed on our classifieds page.



Did you participate in the SWIARC 2017 Field Day Activity?
Please write to us about the SWIARC Field Day in McClelland Iowa. Send us a draft to be polished up, or write up a ready to publish story. We would like to share pictures and details about the SWIARC Field Day with web site visitors! Email WA0ZQG or W0DBW with watcha got!

BELOW: Enjoy our News and Articles written by SWIARC members…

Kevin KJK
with new Loop Ant

Designs by KC0KJK

Kevin KC0KJK was looking at a couple pieces of RG-6 and thinking, “It’s not very long. What could I do with that?” Then he noticed a surplus conduit right angle box thingy. A quick trip to the hardware store to get a short pipe segment, and a few minutes work taking the insulation and center …

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Field Day 2017

Field Day in McClelland

SWIARC met in McClelland Iowa for Field Day 2017. We’ve put together a collage from photographs for you to enjoy while we await the official results. Everyone enjoyed the good weather and lunch was served with those much awaited Omaha Steaks.

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Elmwood Twr 52nd & Lvnwrth
Zoom in to rooftop antennas

Cecil RMB’s Bad Juju

Cecil W0RMB (SK) used to live near 56th & Farnam in Omaha, close enough to be bothered by the multitude of Watts coming from the roof of this building at 52nd. (RMB’s phonetics were ‘Radio’s Messiest Basement’ and indeed, he had a reeeealy good collection of stuff.) . Receiver Intermod can be caused by off …

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H/T Sale Last Yr (2013)

Free Coffee and Tea

From 9am till 12:30 get free coffee and tea at the St. Charles Parish Center in North Bend Nebraska! All you got to do is show up Saturday, July 8 to the Pioneer Ham’s Flea Market.

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NØQET  Ron Ary

Heartland Hams of Iowa, Field Days 2017

Chris Skinner KD0IVV writes, “Our call club call sign is WØHLH (HeartLandHams) and we had 3 stations set up giving us the station-class of 3A-IA.  As far as the Heartland Hams are concerned, we didn’t feel like we were in competition with anyone except ourselves.  Trying to better previous years totals seemed to be the …

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Greg N0GR holds Bird
shows 100W output

100W Rptr Amp

On Sunday, June 11, The Repeater Committee with the guidance of our illustrious leader Greg N0GR, installed the new 100 watt power amplifier and the PL tone encoder on the 146.82 repeater at Simms Avenue. The amplifier is a Henry model C130AB10R, which delivers 100 watts output with 10 watts of input. The PL tone …

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This is what the Sun looks like
when you filter out
ALL the other frequencies

Don’t Talk

There will be a spectacle. People act nuts at eclipses. Funny, but it underlines how these things affect us. Primal reflexes I guess. I saw one at Torrey Pines, CA, a few years ago. Those people were really weird. Costumes, bonfires, chants. Nebraskans won’t be quite so entertaining. It will be interesting to see how …

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300 Watt Duo Band 84
was made in Council Bluffs


This is the inside back cover of ’73’ magazine from April of 1966, way before Japanese rigs took over the market. WRL, right here in Council Bluffs IA, run by Leo Meyerson W0GFQ, was making the Galaxy V, an equivalent of the much more expensive Collins KWM-2, and also had this dual band HF rig …

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Astron 50
ready for mod

What’s Wrong Here

OK, here’s my idea: I’m using an Astron 50 for Field Day, but want to have backup if the power fails or at least receive function while the generator is being refueled, so I’m hooking up a solar panel to the filter capacitors in the Astron (right after the diode bridge rectifier). . The Astron …

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With these closeups
you could almost
make your own

Portable HF Antenna

At our heavily advertised 4th Thursday May meeting, Joe K0NEB (ex WA0WRI) gave us a lot of history and info on the most popular Hamfest, the Dayton Hamvention, including the recent move to a new arena with pictures and videos from this year’s and other shows going back over 20 years. (Joe went to every …

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