SWIARC mtg 09/28 + Election

Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio Club Election Time – the next club meeting which is on Thursday the 28th will include continued nominations and general election of 2018 club officers.  This is one meeting you don’t want to miss!  See the full story below…


Your SWIARC LEADERSHIP for 2018 will be decided THURSDAY!


It is an open repeater, free to all to use, and needs no PL tone. Located top of a 185 ft cell phone tower on a hill 3 mi NE of downtown Council Bluffs, it covers fairly well into Omaha, even to West and SW Omaha. Remember the negative (-) offset.



You are invited to join in every Saturday at Noon on the SWIARC repeater for the Swap Net. Got something to sell? Looking for Something? After the Swap Net all items are listed on our classifieds page.



BELOW: Enjoy our News and Articles written by SWIARC members…

Dudley had a 20-Meter HF station and found operators in Texas, Alabama, and Canada among other locations to answer and talk.

Radio Camp Wa-kon-da

Saturday (9/23) SWIARC regulars took time to chat with kids calling from Camp Wakonda as part of a Radio Scouting event.  Dudley, KDØNMD offers his thanks to those operators as well as the SWIARC club for the use of the repeater.  HF contacts were also made including a 15-year old girl with Voice of America.

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Updated: Election 2018 / Candidates Announced

Paul WBØGXD writes, “the September monthly SWIARC meeting is when we elect the Club officers for the 2018 year. At the August meeting a nominating committee was established to help expedite the election process. The Nominating Committee is tasked with obtaining a slate of nominees for election for each office. And, as always, nominations can still be …

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Albert KE0LOL offered
his homemade antenna mount
(looks exactly like com'l one)

Omaha Fest Springfield NE

Every fest has a ‘theme’ in the form of a Lot Of Something or Other. I thought there was an unusual selection of Power Supplies – an Astron 35 with meters and adjustable Voltage and Current offered at $80 (they’re $200 new), and a lot more including this orphan FP-301 made to match the Yaesu …

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Good place to meet people.
This is Joel KQ0J in 2013.

Irma, Learning Experience and update!

Hey all howdy from sunny Florida.  They said it would be nice and relaxing down here – so much for that.  Thanks all for the prayers and thoughts – Ken AA0UU gave me a shout on IRLP today and passed well wishes along.  Hams are supporting the local shelters. In our town the club listens …

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Image credit: KCCI News Des Moines Iowa

Coronal Mass Ejection

Due to a solar storm you may be able to see the Aurora Borealis tonight from your backyard in Council Bluffs IA. This morning there were two solar flares, the second being the most powerful in over a decade. The flares caused radio blackouts, and some transpolar flights were diverted for safety reasons.

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Notice plastic tube
draining gasoline

Generator Maint.

SWIARC member Andy WB0WKC (SK) used to change the oil and gas in his generator 3 or 4 times a year. He was the one who brought a bright pink 100ft extension cord to a couple of our Field Days. It was made of very flexible (lots of strands) 3 wire #12. Andy was an …

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Here is the 146.82 repeater and voter at the Simms street site.  I took these photos with a $5 mobile phone. -wa0zqg

Remote Receive Reactivated

We’re waiting for details as our SWIARC repeater committee has unilaterally decided to reactivate the remote receive site which links a second radio receiver at a remote location to the main 146.82 repeater. The question is, will 82 “hear” better now? UPDATED 17:22 9/2

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KD0NME: Fuzzy's very first road trip and he is exhausted, sleeping beside me as I
compose this journal. He must be dreaming as he growls, kicks and snorts in his
sleep. I wonder what is happening in his mind? Dogs are so precious.

Fuzzy’s Eclipse

George KD0NME, the club astronomer writes, “JoDee and I started for Casper, WY, but the Wx forecast changed and we decided on the centerline north of North Platte. We had thin clouds at 1st contact but they slowly dissipated before 2d contact and allowed us full visibility of the outer solar corona in our scopes.”

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Some hams participated in the Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP)

Your Eclipse Experience

Pictures, video, and written accounts of your field experience on eclipse day will be collected and shared here on the Southwest Iowa Amateur Radio club web site.  Did you work any HF stations?  Did you make any VHF simplex contacts?  Did you see totality or just cloudy?  Email us your full report for the web …

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VHF Band Opening- Saturday Aug 19, 2017

Summer VHF Explosions

Dave N0MUA in Coffeyville Kansas said hello to Norm WA0JYD and Tom K0TIK on 146.94 Saturday 8/19/17 at 10:30am. Dave was keying up the Aksarben repeater in Omaha, and the Grand Island repeater along with a number of other repeaters he mentioned. Traffic on 146.52 simplex offered up a number of long distance VHF contacts.

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