Field Day Approaches – 06/24-25

It is an open repeater, free to all to use, and needs no PL tone. Located top of a 185 ft cell phone tower on a hill 3 mi NE of downtown Council Bluffs, it covers fairly well into Omaha, even to West and SW Omaha. Remember the negative (-) offset.


LED Voltmeter

XXXXXXXX LATE NEWS XXXXXXXX Craig YTI won the LED voltmeter at the Thursday meeting. XXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxx

Last Club Meeting: It was decided that a new output amplifier will be purchased to replace the one that failed. This will bring the SWIARC 146.82 repeater back up to previous output level.

Funds were allocated to field day operations. There is a good possibility that club members will be enjoying steak during the Field Day picnic.

A special thanks to Paul WD0GXD for donating substantial funds to the purchase of a new PA amplifier, more will be mentioned in a story to come.

Soon a subaudible (you wont hear it*) tone will be added to the repeater.  This is a feature that will be OPTIONAL for people to use.  Those that choose not to use it may disregard it and continue to use the open repeater as usual.  (See Article).



You are invited to join in every Saturday at Noon on the SWIARC repeater for the Swap Net. Got something to sell? Looking for Something? After the Swap Net all items are listed on our classifieds page.



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Albert KE0LOL made this 
portable antenna tripod
from Internet directions

Portable HF Antenna

Ron N0UCM brought a similar antenna base and Outbacker Antenna to a Fairmount Park Field Day some years ago. Albert LOL’s looks remarkably similar and cost a lot less. He found the directions on the Internet and made it of aluminum angles and panels. Capacitive panels unfold from the base to make better contact with …

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This isn't our .82 tower
but it's a great picture

Clean Bill of Health

Saturday morning (5/13) the SWIARC repeater was under the medical scrutiny of engineer John KB0QKH and trustee Greg N0GR. The examination included a sweep of the antenna, feed line, and duplexer. With the microscope applied, what did the doctors discover?

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Council Bluffs under attack!

Electric Avenue

As May opened with a crack and a bang, we were reminded to unplug and disconnect this morning. Around 3:00am was round one and shortly before 6:00am round two. Do you disconnect, or rely on lighting arresters?

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Picnic pic by Mike KC0FAN

Waubonsie Picnic

Don W0AF said 14 people showed up, and Greg N0GR said they served ‘lunch’ consisting of grilled hamburgers etc. to a dozen people. Several radios were in operation although the pic above shows everyone relaxing in the sun away from the radios. 20M was hot, and 40M later at night. Don AF made about 20 …

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Boy Scouts on 7.190 MHz

Last Saturday (5/6) while the SWIARC crew were at Waubonsie there was another radio field event happening. On 7.190 MHz (Radio Scout Frequency) AJ0R and the boy scouts operated ham radio from Lake Wanahoo (near Wahoo, 35 mi west of Bellevue).

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It's a trick
They won't reopen

Prepper Warning

ALTERNATE TITLE: Would you prepare if they gave you a firm date? . Tuesday night’s DISASTER PREP & CONSPIRACY NET on the 146.82 repeater has taught us to ‘read between the lines’ when the ‘powers that be’ make a statement. This notice, pictured above, seems to indicate the local ALDI grocery store in Council Bluffs …

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Analyzing the Club Spectrum

This April the SWIARC club meeting was preceded by a smashingly large dinner gathering at the China Buffet and was succeeded by demonstration of a valuable piece of radio lab equipment, the spectrum analyzer.

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ACE bent the old battery
taking it out of his iPhone

Today is Too Late

ACE worked on his own equipment a lot, in the example above, a very recent project, took the battery out of his iPhone and replaced it himself, a large saving compared to the experts at the Apple store. That was only part of the problem of course, the major power outage inconveniencing everyone. . Bob’s …

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Tone Board Option for Old Rigs

Tone Out Denies No One

It’s called Tone Encoded Squelch. Requiring it to get in the repeater has a downside. However, did you know you could keep the input open and still have a tone on the repeater output? If you don’t care, you probably won’t even know its there.   An open repeater not requiring a PL Tone (correctly …

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An inexpensive way to watch the upcoming eclipse.

Solar Glass

KD0NME writes, “For naked eye viewing of the sun, looking for large sunspots or partial phase eclipse, you can use a #14 welders glass, 2 x 4.25 inches, available at AirGas welding supply, 3018 Nebraska Avenue, Council Bluffs, Iowa. “

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