SWIARC Disbands

Nets held on 146.82 often go beyond the 1 hr time allotted

Nets held on 146.82
often go beyond
the 1 hr time allotted

Upon consideration and after receipt
of the following notice from the FCC
levying fines in excess of our
ability to pay, we have decided to
disband the club.
The most noticeable effect of this
will be shutting off our 2 repeaters
the popular VHF one on 146.82, and
also our new C4FM on UHF. As the VHF
frequency is so popular, it seems
likely to be immediately reassigned,
and in fact, many users may not
notice any change whatsoever.
The good news if there is any, is
SWIARC Inc. has always been a state
of Iowa recognized corporation
so that individual members are not
liable. See details in letter below:

FCC Enforcement Division
Washington D.C.

Re: SWIARC Incorporated

1) After review and verification of information compiled by Net Police operatives of the ARL, Enforcement Division finds repeated and willful violation of accepted Net Time Limit guidelines by the Wednesday night Net on a VHF repeater operated by SWIARC Inc. of Council Bluffs Iowa. Enforcement is in the form of $7,500 fine to be paid the first of next month, or the first business day thereafter.

2) Similarly, ED finds Net Police reports on the Saturday Noon Net hour limit overages to be valid, and assesses a second, separate $7,500 fine to be paid the first of next month immediate.

3) Net operations on SWIARC owned VHF repeater routinely exceed generally accepted time limit guidelines. The clock time shown above is not an aberration as Net Police records show several instances of Nets going on 20 minutes past the second hour.

4) Enforcement Division also has records supplied by the Net Police relating to several impromptu ‘Nets’ on days when no formal net was scheduled. At this time, no formal action will be taken although ED does note that it seems certain Hams enjoy taking over a public repeater for extended periods of time, especially late evening hours when other users might enjoy access to a popular frequency.

5) This action is to be sent out immediately for process by the first day of the following month.

H. Ward, N0AG
Huntoon, N1TPK
Wouff Hong, W0XON
FCC Enforcement Division
Alexandria, Virginia


Bill KE0XQ Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Aksarben and Plattsmouth ARC member Bill McCollum KE0XQ for receiving the Skip Miller W0KVM Lifetime Achievement Award for Amateur Radio Nebraska Section. If you remember, Bill came to a SWIARC meeting with George KB0ZZT back in October for the DMR/MotoTRBO presentation.

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Don't run out of this !

Preppers Net Tues

Tuesday 03/21 we had a small (5 or 6 guys with some more definitely listening) Disaster Net on .82. Most of the talk was on food, and how much the ‘average’ household has on hand – maybe a week or three. Two of the guys had received a flyer from a company offering a year’s …

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Hy-Gain 3750,
National RJX-1011D,
Panasonic RJX-1011D

Boat Anchors and Gems

Among the vintage classics at the Lincoln Hamfest / State Convention was this beautiful Hy-Gain 3750 HF transceiver acquired by Greg N0GR. Originally in the U.S. market this radio was sold as the National RJX-1011D and some identical units were even labeled Panasonic!   See pictures from the Lincoln Hamfest and more on this mysterious …

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This Central Omaha site
was where the 4th 2M repeater
went way back in the 1970s

Antenna Site

The first 2M repeater was .94 built by Leo K0JIU with tech help from another Ham in Co/Blfs, Jim W0YCP. Siting it in Omaha, they then put up the .82 Tx at Leo’s house on 1st Street not far from Radio Shack in the old downtown mall with the receiver on a hill near St. …

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They all had callsigns

McClelland Pictures

SWIARC made money again on our McClelland Flea Market, mostly due to the cheap venue and generous donation of time by numerous club members – Flea Chairman Greg N0GR and all the others who helped greet, carry, and clean up. Test equipment offered included a Tek Spectrum Analyzer and 350 Mc scope. Les KFK of …

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Thinking Day on the Air

February 18 was Girl Scouts of America Thinking Day on the Air. In this event scouts can earn their radio merit badge. Here Dudley has organized a station in Bellevue that you can see in photos attached to this story. Amateur radio gear is used to allow these young ladies to get on the air. …

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Boy this digital stuff looks really high tech!

KE0GKF’s Digital Hotspot

Turn your home Internet connection into a minature repeater for your DMR, D-Star and C4FM radios so you’re always within range of a repeater and able to access a wide variety of digital networks. Two such products are now available.

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Update: Survivalism Net Survives

It has been announced that Mark, KE0KIM is no longer able to act as Net Control for the 9pm Net. On Tuesday, March 28 Rich WA0ZQG stepped in and saved the net.  He plans to act in as interim net control until Albert KE0LOL takes over in 3 weeks.  Did you know Albert (by proxy) is …

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