Boy Scouts on 7.190 MHz

Last Saturday (5/6) while the SWIARC crew were at Waubonsie there was another radio field event happening. On 7.190 MHz (Radio Scout Frequency) AJ0R and the boy scouts operated ham radio from Lake Wanahoo (near Wahoo, 35 mi west of Bellevue).

Jim Taylor, AJ0R, was running a radio scouting station putting youngsters on the air. Whether you were at the SWIARC spring picnic or at your QTH you may have found their station.  Future such scouting events will occur throughout the summer.  When you hear one of the radio scout stations please take a moment to get on the air and say “hello” to the kids.

Here’s the original  memo from Jim (5/3/2017):

We will have 7 scouts on a campout this weekend and I’d like to give them an opportunity to get on the air on 40 m. Here’s my plan for Saturday:

We will be operating a portable setup at Lake Wanahoo (near Wahoo, 35 mi west of Bellevue)
Operating frequency: 7.190 MHz (Radio Scout Frequency)
Antenna configuration: NVIS
Time: 1200 CDT

I will also monitor the Valley repeater (KD0PGV 145.265- with 100.0 Hz PL tone), since I’ll probably be able to reach that from Lake Wanahoo.


Jim Taylor


The scouting activity was reported here prior to the event.  Since then the article has been shifted to a “past tense” form to serve as a means to make ham radio operators aware of these radio scouting activities.  Future events will be announced on this web site.