Cuban Spy #s Active on 11435kHz

USB or AM listen on 11435khz for the mysterious Spy Numbers from Cuba. Transmissions this morning remain active at 10:10am. Why is Cuba still using cold war era spy numbers stations and what is today’s secret message?

Numbers Stations Still Exist

This morning HM01 Cuba was being received loud and clear on 11435kHz with the typical hybrid Redundant Digital File Transfer (RDFT) mode and voice. The female voice was speaking a series of numbers in Spanish, which seem random.

Interestingly enough, the RDFT mode was originally created for use by ham radio operators and was adopted by Cuban intelligence in 2017. HM01 is the successor to SK01, operated by the Cuban Intelligence Directorate (DGI).

Prior to HM01 the SK01 transmissions carried files with 8-digit file names and ran on hour-long schedules in AM mode, during which one file was conveyed.

Currently they are using HM01 with each transmission containing six messages identified by 5-digit headers.   The first four bits are data and the fifth is simply an incrementing serial number.

Today we are hearing HM01, which is believed to transmit out of the same facility as the Cuba’s international broadcasting station “Radio Habana Cuba”. What is even more interesting is that U.S. intelligence has determined the computer used for the digital mode is running Windows XP. Time to upgrade Raúl?

Voce De La Chica

The current purpose of the Cuban numbers station has been speculated in having a relationship with a larger international group preparing for troubled times ahead. “In the Wake of War” these groups are preparing for organization and survival strategies, as well as formation of a new world leadership structure.

These theories can be discussed here on the 146.82 repeater on Tuesday night – 9:00pm during the Prepper’s and Survivalism Net. Our knowledgeable amateur operators can explore theories on the purpose of the Cuban Spy Numbers Station and how it could be an indicator of things to come.   Tune in to the net on Tuesday and keep searching for those mysterious numbers stations!